Take a look at our Royal Family

AGRA Royalty

Every year the Arizona Gay Rodeo Association sponsors their Royalty Contest. This Contest is not for the faint at heart. Each and every person who has held an AGRA Sash has worked tirelessly and endlessly to help promote, uplift, sponsor, fundraise and be a very valued part of what we call AGRA.

Each year we have 12 title positions available and here is how they break down

In each category, there are the primary titleholders, as well as a 1st (first) Runner Up and a 2nd (second) Runner Up. for a total of 12 title holders per year. Each one just as much a part as the others.

To see the past AGRA Royalty since AGRA was founded in 1985. Click Here

If you would like to become part of the AGRA Royalty family, contact the AGRA Vice President or talk to any of the AGRA Royalty Team members to find out how.