Rodeo Director Ron Trusley

Assistant Rodeo Director Michael Weidmann

Assistant Rodeo Director Mark Christensen (arena)

Assistant Rodeo Director Michael Butts (Mipsy Mikels) (chutes)

Stock Contractor Korii Ochoa

Barn Manager Patrick Terry

Arena Director Tim Smith

Assistant Arena Director Jeanne McLeod

Arena Crew Coordinator Devon Garcia

Chute Coordinator Denise Reinhart-Stange

Assistant Chute Coordinator Carl Schmidt

Rodeo Clown Jerry Cunningham

Lead Judge Jack Morgan

Judge Amy Griffin

Judge Randy Edlin

Judge Tom Sheridan

Announcer David Smith

Assistant Announcer Anthony Valdez (Chili Pepper)

Secretary Michael Norman

Assistant Secretary David Hill

Scorekeeper Guy Puglisi (Porkchop)

Assistant Scorekeeper To Be Determined

Rodeo Auditor Bruce Roby (Grumpy)

Royalty Competition Auditor David Hill